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Top 10 rated Wyndham/Fairfield resorts on TUG!
This page provides you with a ranking of the top 10 rated Timeshare resorts within the TUG Timeshare Resort Database!  These are the best of the best timeshares as rated by Timeshare Users Group members who have actually stayed there!

Top 10 WyndhamTimeshare Resorts

 Rank Resort Name and Review Link Code
1 Wyndham Myrtle Beach at Ocean Blvd - formerly Fairfield Myrtle Beach at ocean Boulevard 
2 Pahio at the Shearwater (Wyndham) 2638
3 Wyndham Seawatch Plantation - Formerly Fairfield Seawatch Plantation 3990
4 Wyndham Ocean Walk 5998
5 Wyndham Vacation Resorts - Old Town Alexandria (formerly Fairfield)
6 Wyndham Waikiki Beach Walk (was Fairfield Hawaii at Waikiki Beach) 8667
7 Fairfield Smoky Mountains at Governor's Crossing (Wyndham)  5993
8 Wyndham Nashville - formerly Fairfield Nashville 3688
9 Fairfield (Wyndham) Branson 3294
10 Kona Hawaiian Village (Wyndham) 5971
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